Adult Studies for Fall

Find a place to belong and grow this fall at Pocatello First United Methodist Church. Don’t travel alone in your faith. We were created for connection with God and with one another. Take your next step on the Discipleship Pathway. Whether you are deciding to start the journey or continuing on it, the pathway is better when we travel it together. We have several group studies beginning this fall.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in any of these studies, please contact Cherie Johnson, Director of Lifespan Ministries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (208) 232-1353.


A Disciple’s Path: Deeping Your Relationship with Christ and the Church by James A. Harnish with Justin Larosa
Introduction:  Pastor’s Coffee Sunday September 29th at 12:15 pm
Start:  Monday, October 7th at 7:00 pm

Join Pastor Craig and Cherie Johnson as they co- lead this six-week study. Ideal for people exploring or wanting to rediscover Methodism.  It combines a Wesleyan understanding of our growth in God’s love and grace with spiritual practices. Participants will develop these seven practices, discover their unique gifts, and become engaged in ministry that brings transformation in their own lives, the lives of others and the world.  


The Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bourgeault
Start:  Sunday, September 15th at 6:30 pm
Location: The Strobel's 441 S 11th Ave

Pastor Craig invites you to explore The Wisdom Jesus. If you put aside what you think you know about Jesus and approach the Gospels as though for the first time, something remarkable happens: Jesus emerges as a teacher of the transformation of consciousness. Cynthia Bourgeault is a masterful guide to Jesus' vision and to the traditional contemplative practices you can use to experience the heart of his teachings for yourself.



Simple Rules for Money: John Wesley on Saving, Earning, and Giving by James Harnish
Start: Sunday, October 6th at 10:00 am

Led by Stacey Jensen, this study addresses the questions:  What would it take for you to make a radical change in the way you earn, save, and spend your money? On a deeper level, what would be required for us to experience a fundamental shift in the relationship between our faith and our finances? Faith and finances—these two areas of our lives sometimes seem poles apart. And yet, shouldn’t our finances be shaped by our faith?  Guided by the Bible and the timeless wisdom of John Wesley, this study challenges Christians to face the issue of money head-on, with God’s help.



Exploring the Muslim Faith
Start: Sunday, September 22nd at 9:45 am

This unique study will involve a combination of speakers and study to build a bridge of understanding between Christians and Muslims.



So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore by Wayne Jacobsen
Start:  Sunday, September 8th at 9:45
Location:  The Conference Room

What would you do if you met someone you thought just might be one of Jesus original disciples still living in the 21st Century? Kathy Grumbein  leads a book study that considers Jake's dilemma as he meets a man who talks of Jesus as if he had known him, and whose way of living challenges everything Jake had previously known. If you're tired of just going through the motions of Christianity and want to mine the depths of what it really means to live deeply in Christ, you’ll find Jake s story will give you hope for your own. This book probes the difficult questions and offers some far-reaching answers. It just might turn your world upside-down as well!