Chuck Knows Church

A fun and informative series about the stuff in church. We have some seasonal and common ones here. (Scroll on down.) You can also head over to Chuck Knows where over 90 videos are grouped by topic. It can be fun to explore. 

Worship. Chuck gets a workout during this episode! Sweatpants and sweatbands are on -- and there's a good reason why. You'll find out as you chuckle and learn with with Chuck.

Disciples. What's your definition of "disciples"? Can you name all 12? Are you one? These questions and more will be answered by Chuck!

Doxology. Chuck sings! Kinda. Bet you can't guess the name of the most played piece of music in Protestant churches each Sunday? You looked at the title of this episode, didn't you? Chucks sings and explains on this.

Acolyte. Do you know what the word means? And what's with carrying the light out at the end of each worship service? Chuckle along with Chuck as he talks about "Acolytes."

Liturgist. Chuck goes to "work" on this episode. He explains the important role of this worship leader. You'll learn with a chuckle.

Grace. The word seems to have multiple meanings. It's said at the dinner table, yet also has deep theological meaning for United Methodists. Chuck takes a few minutes to explain prevenient, justifying, and sanctifying grace.

THE NARTHEX. When's the last time you heard, "meet me in the narthex?" Then you say, "uhhh, what?" You'll know all about it when you click play and Chuck gives you the skinny on the narthex. Smile and learn with Chuck.

Want to know more? As Chuck always says, ask your pastor. You can also check out the other videos at Chuck Knows